Your one stop accessory shop!

Your one stop accessory shop!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Now What?

I had an excellent time at the Penelope Lane Spring Boutique this weekend and according to my inventory I think things went pretty well...although we'll have to see how good my record keeping skills are once I get my tags back.  I was working on barely any sleep this week so I'm not sure how accurate I was.  I enjoy going to these boutiques so much because it's such a change from sitting in an office by myself. 

My dad built these great displays for me that turned out better than expected.  He always goes above and beyond whenever I ask him to make me something.  I had seen something similar online when searching for a new way to display my clips.  I knew I wanted something that could keep everything somewhat organized. It worked out pretty well except for the fact that I would have needed about four or five of these to display all of the different color flowers.  One of the styles comes in 32 different colors and I only had five hooks to put them on so there were a lot of hidden colors that people probably didn't even see.

My problem now is that I have NO IDEA what to do.  I've been so crazy busy the past month getting ready for the boutique and last night I put everything back in order and boxed up for storage.  Today I'm sitting here while my husband and son are both taking a nap and I'm going stir crazy! I almost feel like something is missing with nothing in my hands.  So here I am finally updating my blog.  I think my next project will be sewing together this box full of korker ribbon in front of me.  When the rain stops I need to take pictures of everything from the boutique to post on my Etsy shop so stay tuned!

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